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Personal Data And Why Collect it by our web team


When the visitors visit our site and after seeing our website content they leave comments for our website. Then we collect the data to show all data in our comment section also give users an IP address.


If you want to upload images on the website then you should use an emended location to upload images. Users who are visiting the site can download or extract the images.


When a user visits the site and leaves a comment for the site then the users all info just like name or email will be saved to the website cookies. When users visit the site again and want to leave a comment then they don’t need to fill any information.

If a user wants to log in to our website then our website cookies well set to your login details to log in your account on the website. Your login details will be saved for the last two days.

Content from other websites

Posts on this website also include embedded content from another website just like images videos other article content.

The site myfilmymaza.com also collect the data or use cookies and also include tracking codes and save your login details.